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Lillah Shareef

             is situated near the salt range at Motorway midway between Lahore & Islamabad. It can easily be termed as junction point for Distts like Jhelum, Chakwal, Khushab,& Sargodha.

   Over 150 years back (18th century) area was under the heavy influance of Hinduism. Hindu & Sikh traditions overshadowed muslim soiciety & culture. Muslims of the area though kept fighting against Sikhs yet they themselves were indulged in habits contradictory to islamic values.

Under these circumstances few of the religious minded muslims decided to revive the islamic society in the area. Hafiz Ghulam Nabi commonly known as Aala Hazrat Lillahi was one of them. He spent over 11years of his life learning Quran, Fiqha, Sunnah, Hadith & Tasawaf.

For the purpose he traveled up to Peshawar & Kasoor. After years of selfless devotion, dedication, & hard work when he achieved purity of spirit, his spiritual teacher & PEER assigned him the task of preaching islam in the reagion. He was awarded Khilafat of Naqshbandi silsila. He successfully carried out the mission and helped wiping out the ill practices (bidats) from the society. He established a madressa (islamic school) at his home town lillah where thousands of students from all over the area  successfully       completed  Hifz-e-quran & islamic education. He wrote hundreds of books for the better understanding of Quran & Fiqah for the people of Indo-Pak which are still available at library of the same madressa at lillah. He was a learned mufti who left lasting impression on area up to Jehlum Gujrat, Sargodha, & chakwal etc.

 After his death his son took over his mission.  Hazrat Sahibzdada Muhammad Maqool-Ur-Rasul was his forth generation. He took over the mission of his Father at the age of 15 years. He spent his whole life for preaching the message of Allah and Rasool (S.W) to Mankind in its pure form and to eliminate misconceptions and Bidats. Today there are thousands of his followers all over Pakistan who get benefit from the Tareeqat of Sahibzada Muhammad Maqbool Ur Rasul.

 Here it is pertinent to mention that he always taught his followers against bidats as required by Naqshbandi school of thought.


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